Cyclone Megan Traps 700 People In North Australia; Rescue Attempts Underway

Attempts to evacuate the residents are underway but the weather conditions are posing a severe hindrance to it.

by Tooba Shaikh
Cyclone Megan Traps 700 People In North Australia; Rescue Attempts Underway

A tropical cyclone is currently wreaking havoc in Northern Australia. What is now being dubbed Cyclone Megan, the weather phenomenon is making it quite difficult for the residents to find shelter. Attempts to evacuate the residents are underway by the Australian government but the weather conditions pose a severe hindrance to it. Here are all the other important details you need to know about this cyclone in Australia.

Cyclone Megan Traps 700 People In North Australia’s Borroloola

As many as 700 people are trapped in Australia’s Borroloola because of Cyclone Megan. According to an article which was recently published by The Straits Times, the Australian Defence Force attempted to evacuate the residents of the region.

The attempt was made on March 18. However, the extreme weather conditions did not allow the authorities to land the aircraft. For now, the residents are advised to find shelter in the community itself. The cyclone has also cut off links between Borroloola and the rest of the country.

The cyclone hit the region on March 18. It is now called an Ex-Tropical cyclone and its intensity has now been downgraded by the Bureau Of Meteorology or BOM, Australia. However, it was characterised as a Category 3 storm and the winds were as strong as 170 kmh to 200 kmh.

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Other Important Details About This Tropical Cyclone

As per the posts made by BOM on X (formerly, known as Twitter), the cyclone formed over the Gulf of Carpentaria around March 15. After the evacuation efforts were hampered by the extreme weather conditions, another attempt will be made today.

Even though the storm has been re-characterised as Tropical Low, heavy rains and strong gusts of winds still continue in the region.

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Do you know anyone who is living in Australia right now? How, if at all, are they impacted by the cyclone? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cover Image Credits: @BOM_au/X (Formerly, Twitter)

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