Cyclone Michaung Updates: 80% Power Supply Restored In Chennai, Depression Weakens; More Inside

Here are some important updates on the effects of Cyclone Michaung in Chennai. 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Cyclone Michaung Updates: 80% Power Supply Restored In Chennai, Depression Weakens; More Inside

Chennai is drowning because of very heavy rainfall, and the visuals on social media are super scary. The flood situation led to disruptions in power supply and communication in the city. But on Wednesday, slowly, the services came back to normal, though not completely, but to a great extent. Here are some important updates on the effects of Cyclone Michaung in Chennai. 

Cyclone Michaung Updates: 80% Power Supply Restored In Chennai

The state administration of Tamil Nadu has made significant progress in getting things back to normal after severe rains caused power disruptions in some areas of the city. The administration emphasises its determination to restore stability even in the face of issues faced by the populace. This includes intermittent power outages and inadequate mobile network coverage. 

According to the most recent report, 70% of mobile networks and 80% of the power supply have already been restored, said  the state government. While many people were having trouble communicating and there were power outages, the authorities were actively attempting to resolve these difficulties. 

The prompt restoration of critical services continues to be the primary priority. The significant rains caused some disturbances to the electricity supply, but everything is gradually returning to normal. 

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More Resources Are Being Deployed

Furthermore, efforts are focused on fixing problems with mobile network connectivity to guarantee that channels of communication are fully functional. The government’s preemptive actions are intended to lessen interruptions and difficulties experienced by inhabitants in places hit by rain, including certain portions of Chennai. 

In order to fasten the restoration process and alleviate the impact on the impacted parties, more resources are being deployed. The Chennai Municipal Corporation and the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board (TNSCB) are two of the departments that must coordinate as part of the comprehensive approach. 

The temporary stoppage of electrical supply from specific distribution points has been implemented strategically.

The authorities pledge to keep a close eye on the situation and act quickly to address any issues that may yet arise. The public is urged to seek assistance by contacting the official helplines.  (As per Times Now)

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Cyclone Michaung Made A Landfall

The government’s commitment to guaranteeing the welfare of the impacted population is demonstrated by its emphasis on the prompt resolution of these concerns. Despite the challenges, the government’s proactive actions and continuous efforts give hope for a speedy recovery from the effects of the severe rains. 

Despite ongoing difficulties, there is an unshakable commitment to returning the power supply and mobile networks to normal. In order to meet citizens’ demands and lessen the effects of the recent interruptions, authorities are now working nonstop.

Cyclone Michaung made landfall on Tuesday, and it brought in intense and nonstop rain in Chennai. The rain continued to fall, but the intensity decreased on Wednesday. 

Floods brought in by the storm interrupted daily life and resulted in fatalities and property damage. In a statement released on Tuesday, the Greater Chennai police stated that 17 people had died in various instances related to the city’s flooding. According to the state government on Wednesday, Tamil Nadu has requested ₹5,060 crore in interim relief from the Centre. This is in relation to the damage caused by Cyclone Michaung.

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We pray for the citizens of Chennai.

Cover Image Courtesy: @aparna596/X (formerly Twitter)

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