Dating Back To 700 CE, Kailasanathar Temple Is One Of The Finest Examples Of Dravidian Architecture.

by Shreya Rathod
Dating Back To 700 CE, Kailasanathar Temple Is One Of The Finest Examples Of Dravidian Architecture.

India’s existence is based on its diverse culture. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, you will get to see a different face of Indian culture. Whether it’s food, language, dress or lifestyle — things change at every mile! And this image is proof of this diversity. The Ministry of Culture has tweeted ‘The Pic Of The Day’ — an alluring picture of the Kailasanathar Temple in Tamil Nadu by @incognito__explorer, the perfect example of Dravidian architecture.

Tamil Nadu’s Kailasanathar Temple 

Located in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu, Kailasanathar Temple is one of the oldest surviving Pallava-era monuments. It was built around 700 CE and reflects the Dravidian style of architecture. Like every ancient temple, this one has an entrance hall, gathering hall and a sanctum. Moreover, the sanctum is surrounded by nine shrines, all in the form of Lord Shiva. The temple is adorned with intricate designs — most of which reflect the seventh and eighth-century Tamil traditions. Since the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, it relates largely to Shaivism. The creation of the temple is credited to the Pallava dynasty — settlers of Kanchipuram.

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According to local beliefs, the temple has a secret tunnel which was used by the kings during wars. The tunnel is visible even today! It is also believed that Brihadeeswara Temple built by Raja Raja Chola I is inspired by the Kailasanathar Temple.

The Magnificent Architecture!

The temple is an example of stone-built architecture and has retained its Pallava style. Since the temple’s foundation is built with granite, it can withstand the weight of the temple. While the structure is made with sandstone. The structure of the temple is simple with a tower in the centre. And at the top, there is a roof-shaped dome. The main shrine has a sixteen-sided Shivalinga and a sculpture of Nandi. The outer walls of the main shrine are adorned with carvings of deities.

The most amazing thing about this temple is the erect lions projecting in many directions. The temple also houses one of the earliest stone inscriptions with a record of the 28 Saivagamas.

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This beautiful Dravidian temple is preserved by the Archeological Survey Of India. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia