Witness The Deadliest And Spine-Chilling Bull Taming Festival ‘Jallikattu’ In Tamil Nadu.

by Shreya Rathod
Witness The Deadliest And Spine-Chilling Bull Taming Festival ‘Jallikattu’ In Tamil Nadu.

Seeing Kabir, Imran and Arjun racing in front of the bulls was truly a spine-chilling experience. But, Spain is not the only country famous for extreme sports; India has its own version. In Tamil Nadu, they celebrate India’s deadliest bull-taming festival called Jallikattu. In the episode of India’s Most Extreme experiences, we are going to show you what this festival is all about.

Jallikattu — Bull Taming Festival

Jallikattu is an ancient Tamil Nadu festival that involves embracing the bulls in order to tame them. The festival is celebrated in Madhurai’s villages. According to the locals, this is a traditional sport in Tamil Nadu. But, the story of its origin is more interesting. When a baby girl is born, her family is supposed to buy a bull, who will grow up with her. And, when she is ready to be married, this sport is organised for the girl. Basically, the suitors will have to tame the bull and the winner will get to marry her.

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Rules Of The Game

Bull Taming Festival
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The owners train their bulls for a month by making them run on the fields and letting them swim in the river to build their strength. Out of thirty-two breeds, Pulikulam is the preferred breed to perform in this festival. They are hefty and strong, and the locals believe that they can even drive away tigers.

The place where this sport is supposed to happen is packed with spectators and has police forces deployed. In the arena, bulls come running from a small opening and the participants have fifteen to twenty seconds to hold its hump and tame it. If they do this, prizes are thrown towards these players. The rules are simple — 1) No twisting tails or holding horns, and 2) Two people can’t hold on to the hump at the same time.

Is It Animal Cruelty?

People who enjoy this sport say that they never hurt these bulls. Though animals are not hurt, many people are injured while playing this sport. In 2020, more than a hundred people were injured and five people died. Since these situations can’t be avoided, ambulances and other medical facilities are kept close to the arena.

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This was India’s deadliest bull-taming festival. Tell us what you think of it.