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Shamita Shetty
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Shamita Shetty is a hardcore foodie. But, despite all her cheat days, she knows how to balance the two and returns to her healthy diet and devouring patterns. In addition, the actress is renowned for her big-screen performances and reality television stints. So, what better way for Shamita to enjoy her day than with Curly Tales in the Tere Gully Mein episode? Read more to find out how Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-Chief and Shamita Shetty enjoyed at this iconic sweet shop in Chembur!

Shamita Shetty’s Food Preferences

While Shilpa Shetty doesn’t shy away from expressing her emotions about food, it is Shamita that we rarely find digging into her favourites. During our chat with the Shetty sister, we asked about her favourite food places in Chembur. If there’s one way to describe Shamita’s love for food, it would be a fit foodie. So the duo went to Jhama Sweets, and Shamita couldn’t help but search for Gulaab Jamuns! Kamiya smiles and asks the man behind the counter, “Madam, key liye 10 Gulaab Jamuns. Aaj koi diet nai h!” Don’t worry. She only had one. They immediately went into a trance with their first bite.

Do you know the secret of these Jhama Gulaab Jamuns? Nobody does. It’s a secret that they never share. Shamita and Kamiya agreed that the size of the Gulaab Jamun had decreased, or maybe they were smaller, and it used to look bigger to her. Well, we’ll never know! They went on to try Sev Barfi, aka Singer ki Mithai and then people’s favourite, Kaju Katli. Shamita goes on to say she will blame us all tomorrow after this delicious junk food hogging! 

Her Advice To All The Food Lovers

Shamita Shetty

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Shamita Shetty is also actively involved in doing yoga, keeping herself fit and energetic. She tells us how she has a cheat day once a week but makes sure she works out to lose the junk she had. In her opinion, it is crucial to stay healthy and fit. Moreover, she advises, “Don’t be lazy. If you wanna eat, get your ass to the gym!” 

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