Deepika Padukone Has A Special Checklist For Her Favourite Travel Destinations

Deepika Padukone prefers to vacation at sunny destinations.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Deepika Padukone Has A Special Checklist For Her Favourite Travel Destinations

Aaj Sher Khul Gaye when Deepika Padukone appeared with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, on this Sunday Brunch episode. Her new film, Fighter, has created a massive buzz with peppy songs and a great teaser. On this episode, they enjoyed a staycation in Mumbai and discussed at length her brand new skincare brand i.e. 82°E, hotel manners and more. We learned that she is a beach person, all day every day. 

Deepika Padukone Shared Her Favourite Travel Destinations

While we were on the topic of her flawless airport looks, we couldn’t help but ask about her absolute favourite travel destinations. Particularly, Kamiya asked, “Any place you have been to and fell in love with that place?” In response, Deepika Padukone gave us a checklist that she follows when it comes to her favourite travel destinations. It includes the sun, the sand and beaches. “I love beachy places…I thrive in these kinds of places,” she said.

Deepika Padukone informed us that she is a hardcore beach person and will always go for beachy and sunny destinations over hills and snow. Hmm, now if Ranveer and Deepika ever go on a vacation and it is a beach destination, we all know who chose the destination. Next, we asked her if she had gone on a solo trip ever and she replied, “No.” thought about it for a split second and then again confirmed that she hadn’t. Maybe this year, Deepika?

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Feng Shui Of A Hotel Room Is Fixed By Her

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We were extremely excited to have a staycation with Deepika Padukone. Turns out she thinks that staycations are much more convenient for her as well. Without any fuss for passports, visas, extra luggage and all, a quick stay with minimum stuff is simple. She informed us about her habits of personalising and adjusting the feng shui of each hotel room she stays in. 

Whether it is a staycation or a vacation, she will make the place feel like her own self. The idea alludes to the skill of arrangement, which she values deeply. Further, she told us that any object that doesn’t align with her aesthetic standards is hidden. She rearranges the furniture to suit her taste and make her feel comfortable. Do you also change the feng shui of your hotel rooms or just treat it as a hotel room?

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Comment down below if you are also a beach person, always just like Deepika. Catch the entire video linked above to learn more about Deepika and her life.

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