Delhi Airport Is All Set To Operate Flights On Its 4th Runway From July

Delhi Airport
by Shreya Ghosh

Many of us have been waiting for the fourth runway of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. The good news is that the time for the runway to initiate operations has finally come. Known as “Runway 29 Right and 11 Left” (29R/11L), the airport authorities are starting services here on 13 July 2023. This all-new runway is going to be used for the departure of flights, as shared by Delhi International Airport Limited. As of now, this is the plan with it for the starting period.

Delhi Airport’s Fourth Runway Is Ready For Commencing Departures From Mid-July

Delhi Airport

Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

With the initiation of departure facilities at the newest addition of the Indira Gandhi International Airport, it will soon be the first and the only airport in India to house 4 runways. The Chairman of the Airports Authority of India has stated the date of commencing the much-awaited operations here, according to a report by The Times of India. Used only for departures, there are many expectations that the experience at the runway is going to be much enhancing. Both domestic and international flights entering Delhi will be getting to enjoy progressed facilities.

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Passengers who have travelled to or from this airport in the national capital already know about the massive footfall here all around the year. As a new runway is ready to operate from 13 July, more flights will be entering the airport with more flyers. Delhi Airport has the potential to become one of the busiest and most bustling airports in the world.

Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Minister of Civil Aviation of India, shared that the Delhi Airport might become the largest airport in the world if it continues to enhance and expand at this same pace, according to a report by Business Insider.

Preparations Are Going On In Full Swing!

Delhi Airport

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According to a LiveMint report, Air Traffic Controllers have been instructed for this upcoming grand beginning of the fourth runway. The Airports Authority of India worked to make the controllers ready to control the new start at this place.

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Are you excited to catch a flight and land here?

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