Delhi Airport Might Reopen With New Rules: Masks Will Be Mandatory, No Meals On Flights

by Suchismita Pal
Delhi Airport Might Reopen With New Rules: Masks Will Be Mandatory, No Meals On Flights

As the extended lockdown is almost coming to an end, aviation services are expected to resume soon. Many carriers operating in India have also started taking bookings from the third week of May. However, the number of coronavirus cases in the country is still on the rise. Therefore, visiting the airport and going through the same old procedures like queuing up for baggage submission or security checks, or sitting beside one another while waiting for the flights might be harmful. So, Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport has come up with some strict restrictions for operations post lockdown.

What Are They?

The new rules set at Delhi airport will ensure that the purpose of travel is solved and at the same time, the notion of social distancing is maintained. The guidelines are as follows:

  • Face masks are mandatory for each traveller. The security will deny entry to travellers without masks.
  • In flight meals will be stopped for the time being. Only water will be allowed.
  • There will be restrictions in the use of in-flight lavatories.
  • The body temperatures of all passengers will be monitored. Those with symptoms of flu will not be allowed to travel.
  • There will be no queues at the security counters. The passenger who needs to be checked will be called up. Till then, he or she needs to remain seated.
  • There will be adequate gaps between the seats.  Markers will be put on alternative chairs.
  • The security checks will be touch-free, using metal detectors.
Delhi airport new rules
Picture Credits: Financial Express

What’s More?

If the new rules come to play, the check-in will inevitably take longer than usual. Thus, those who are flying post lockdown must reach the airport keeping enough time at hand. However, these are just the plans to be implemented if at all the airports are allowed to reopen. Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has confirmed that no commercial flights will be permitted to run until the spread of the coronavirus has been curbed.

Delhi airport new rules
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If you have a flight ticket booked from Delhi after lockdown, do keep these rules in mind. Wearing masks is already compulsory. Also, put on your gloves and don’t forget to keep a sanitizer handy with you. However, we would still suggest that you refrain from travelling and postpone plans atleast for the next couple of months.