Delhi-Amsterdam Air India Passengers Reached Their Destination But Their Luggage Didn’t; Details

Air India passengers did not receive their baggage after landing at the Amsterdam Airport.

by Shreya Ghosh
Delhi-Amsterdam Air India Passengers Reached Their Destination But Their Luggage Didn’t; Details

Imagine you are travelling somewhere and your bags and belongings are not with you. Such a stressful and frightening situation, right? Unfortunately, about 40 passengers faced this bizarre experience while travelling to Amsterdam from Delhi recently. Flying with Air India, these passengers were shocked to hear that their luggage and bags were not offloaded in this foreign city.

Air India Passengers Did Not Get Their Baggage After Landing In Amsterdam From Delhi

Air India Passengers
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

On Wednesday, the AI 555 flight took off from the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and its destination was Amsterdam Airport. While the passenegrs on that flight reached the European city and deboarded the flight safely, they were stunned to hear that their check-in baggage and luggage were not offloaded in Amsterdam. The airline failed to deliver the luggage on time.

Even the thought of not getting bags after landing at an airport scares us. We can only imagine how harrowing it was for everyone who did not get their luggage. It was indeed a tiring journey from Delhi in India to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. From the most basic things such as clothes to the most important things such as medicines, our bags carry almost everything that we need at any point in time in a new city. And not receiving such crucial belongings at the right time is a terrifying experience.

Sources of Air India revealed the reason behind why the airline did not deliver the bags on time. The airline could not manage to offload the baggage of around 40 passengers on Wednesday as there was a technical problem, according to a report by Deccan Herald.

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Bags Were Offloaded The Next Day

Air India Passengers
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The flight carrying all the baggage of passengers flew to the Amsterdam airport on Thursday. After landing at the European city, the bags were offloaded soon. As per the updates from last night, Air India has not stated or replied to any statement on this baggage issue and fiasco. Airline sources revealed the cause of the traumatising incident.

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Have you travelled internationally with Air India? If yes, have you ever faced any such unfortunate incidents?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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