Delhi Couple Visits Dharamshala In Himachal With Fake COVID-19 Certificates

by Suchismita Pal
Delhi Couple Visits Dharamshala In Himachal With Fake COVID-19 Certificates

On June 9, a couple from Delhi was sent into institutional quarantine centre in Himachal Pradesh after duping the authorities with fake COVID-19 negative certificates. As per ANI reports, Bimukt Ranjan, Kangra Superintendent of Police, said, “A Delhi couple was caught visiting Dharamshala by producing fake COVID-19 negative certificates. They have been sent into an institutional quarantine centre.” Mr. Ranjan also added that a case has been registered against them and action will be taken.

Delhi Couple Quarantined And Booked In Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh For Faking COVID-19 Certificates

As a part of Unlock 2.0, the Himachal Pradesh government has opened the state for tourism on the first week of July. However, there are certain rules that people visiting the state amid the pandemic must follow. All interstate movement will need to be registered through the COVID e-pass software. Visitors need to be tested for COVID-19 by ICMR accredited laboratory not earlier than 72 hours at the time of entry. The couple from Delhi skipped the hassles of getting tested for the infection. On reaching Himachal, the couple had first produced antibody test report which was not a comprehensive COVID-19 negative test. So, the cops denied them entry. Then they presented an RT-PCR report with Ram Mohan Lohia hospital’s letter-head. When the police cross-verified it with RML, they came to know that it is fake and not issued by RML.

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Chinese Tourist Detained In Himachal For Not Having Documents

Himachal Pradesh administration, on July 8, stopped a Chinese national at the Kaloha border in Himachal’s Kangra district, while he was attempting to enter the state without the required documents. Referring to the incident, Mr Ranjan said “Last evening a Chinese national was stopped at our border in Kaloha. His purpose of the visit was tourism, so he was asked to show a COVID-19 negative certificate (within 72 hours) and 5-day advance booking at a hotel, as per the state government’s guidelines. He failed to produce both.”

Dharamshala Himachal

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At present, Himachal Pradesh has around 1101 confirmed coronavirus cases with nearly 11 deaths. Though travel bans across states are gradually getting lifted, it’s best to stay at home now to combat the virus spread. However, you can visit the gorgeous Manali from the comfort of your homes through our virtual tour.