Delhi Pollution: Cancel Your Trip Or Fight It Out? Here’s What Tourists Need To Do

Schools are shut, people have stopped going for morning walks, a public health emergency has been declared! That’s not a riot situation, that’s Delhi’s pollution.

On the rise

Despite the anti-firecracker drive and ‘green Diwali’ initiatives, the air quality of Delhi got from bad to worse post October 27. Last week the Air Quality Index (AQI) reached an ‘emergency level’ which made it difficult for Delhiites to even step out of their homes.

Delhi Pollution

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The situation continued to worsen as the haze became thick, visibility reduced drastically and the AQI touched 999 mark on November 3. So if you have traveled to Delhi or are transiting through, here’s what you need to do right now and make sure that you don’t die!

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Tips to survive

The best way to fight this toxic Delhi pollution is to not step out. For some of us that might not be possible and for those who have come to the city to explore, that’s not an option at all. Since that’s absolutely unavoidable, we suggest you buy yourself an anti-pollution mask NOW! Stay well hydrated, and include foods that are rich in antioxidants in your diet. If you want to make it out of Delhi alive, better develop a taste for Broccoli, Carrot, Spinach, Red Pepper and Red Cabbage. Get some indoor plants that are natural air purifiers. It would at least make the air that you breathe, safe.

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For those who would like to step out for sightseeing, there might not be any point. With the dust and haze accumulating, you would hardly be able to get any good pictures. The iconic locations will not be visible in their entirety and your face will be covered too. Instead, how about explore some good cafes and restaurants in the city? We know that wasn’t a part of the plan but Delhi is pretty big on the food scene, so that is one way you won’t be disappointed.

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If you were planning to explore the city and the neighbouring areas by road, we suggest you head up North. Visit Chandigarh, or go further up to Himachal and breathe in fresh air for a few days.

How is it being tackled

To curb Delhi pollution, the Delhi government is trying to be on its toes to make sure that the city people are able to survive this. The odd-even scheme was implemented and water is being sprinkled on roads to settle the dust down.

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Expressing this as a matter of grave concern, the Supreme Court has banned demolition and construction work until it settles down. A fine of Rs 1lakh will be levied incase the orders are not followed. The neighbouring states are being pulled up too, because one of the aggravating factors was stubble burning which was being done by farmers.

Current state

Today the AQI level improved and was recorded at 270. However, we would still like to emphasise on the fact that the pollution levels in Delhi isn’t something that can be taken lightly. Staying in Delhi right now is like living in a gas chamber, so you have to be extra careful every time you step out.

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Dear smoker friends, take a break. Winters are not here, so don’t even think about bonfires and if you are someone who bursted crackers during Diwali, and are wondering what to do with the extra ones left? Burry them!

Kanika Sharma
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