Rethink Your Travel Plans As Delhi Air Quality Hits ‘Emergency’ Levels!

If you have a trip planned to Delhi, you might want to rethink that. The pollution levels in the city have become hazardous and the air quality has reached emergency levels. Want to know why?

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Air Quality

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The Air Quality Index (AQI) has been getting worse since Diwali, and today, it has finally reached a level where it is becoming difficult to even step out. As per news reports, the overall air quality index has increased to 459, which as per the central pollution board comes under the ‘severe plus’ or ‘emergency’ category.

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Not just tourists, but the city dwellers can also be seen wearing anti-air pollution masks. Parents are worried as medical reports suggest that the pollution level is twice as harmful to children as they breathe faster. This would result in them inhaling the toxins twice as much.

Neighbourhood parks that seemed to be bustling with early risers are now empty. People are skipping jogs, walks and yoga sessions, as outdoors no longer seem to be fit for survival!

Where do we stand?

Air Quality

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To give some perspective of how bad the situations is, an AQI between 0-50 is good, 51-100: satisfactory, 101-200: moderate, 201-300: poor, 301-400: very poor, and 401-500: severe. Above 500 is severe-plus or emergency category. Now, you might think, since it is not over 500, we might be overreacting. Well.. if you are in Delhi, then you know that the haze speaks for itself; and if you are not, we don’t mind inviting you over to take your chances!

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What can we do?

Air Pollution

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For now, we suggest, that you buy anti-air pollution masks and try to stay as much indoors as possible. If you have been planning a vacation, prepone it. If you don’t have anything on the cards, then plan one now.

The Meteorology Department, however, is suggesting that some rain might help clear it up. Now, whether it’s natural or artificial, it doesn’t matter. As long as Delhiites get a chance to breathe freely.

Kanika Sharma
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