Delhi Reopens But With Restrictions, Standalone Liquor Shops And Private Vehicles Can Now Operate Too

by Suchismita Pal
Delhi Reopens But With Restrictions, Standalone Liquor Shops And Private Vehicles Can Now Operate Too

On 22nd March 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced an initial lockdown till 31st March. After three days, the lockdown was extended to 14th April. Then it was further extended till 3rd May. And now, it is finally expected to end on 17th May. Due to the coronavirus crisis, India has been on one of the longest lockdown phases in the entire world. However, after about 42 days of absolute shutdown, Delhi is finally reopening but with restrictions.

What’s Happening?

For the newly imposed lockdown between 4th and 17th May, the Capital is allowed to reopen under certain conditions. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has eased the lockdown rules in accordance with the proposal of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The relaxations are as follows:

  • All government offices will start operating from now. Employees of essential services will have 100 percent attendance. For non-essential departments, only the deputy secretary and 33 percent staff can report to work.
  • Private offices may run with 33 percent staff.
  • No flights, metro or buses will operate till the end of lockdown.
  • Cycle rickshaws, autorickshaws, taxis, intra-district and inter-district buses will remain suspended too.
  • Salon and barbershops will continue to be closed.
  • Movement of people will be banned from 7 PM to 7 AM.
  • No schools, gyms and malls can open now.
  • Standalone shops can start operations. This also includes single shops selling liquor, tobacco, pan, etc. However, they can allow a maximum of five persons at one time.
  • Print and electronic media, private security firms can function.
  • Banks will remain open.
  • Firms providing essential commodities and services can resume operations.
  • Private vehicles can hit the roads, but only with the driver and two rear passengers, only to access essential services.
  • Self-employed personnel can start commercial activities.

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What Else?

People above 65 years, kids below the age of 10, pregnant women and those with other medical conditions will have to stay indoors except for meeting health necessities. Wedding functions can start will 50 people and funerals may allow up to 20 people.

Curbs will continue in the containment zones, else the efforts made so far will be ‘squandered away’. The Capital has a total of about 96 COVID-19 hotspots as of now. The lockdown had a huge blow on the economy of the nation. In a statement, Kejriwal said that people have started losing their jobs and the government doesn’t have any source of revenue now. He added, “We have made full use of the lockdown but now the time has come to reopen the city. We will have to learn to live with coronavirus. We have made all preparations.”

Delhi reopens but with restrictions
Picture Credits: Metro Vaartha

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If you’re stepping out now, be extra careful and remember to wear your mask. Keep a sanitizer with you always. Wear gloves. Also, ensure to have a healthy diet to boost up your immunity and shield your body against the infection.