Delhi Street Food Vendor Serves Chocolate Masala Sweet Corn & We’re Confused!

delhi sweet corn
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 657

The line between desserts and savoury snacks is getting thinner and thinner by the day, courtesy of food trends. From Gulab Jamun Pizza, Kaju Katli Soup to Strawberry Jam Samosa snacks are getting wackier by the minute. And social media is having a hard time keeping up with food trends. Well, the latest sweet-spicy snack out there is Chocolate Masala Sweet Corn served hot by a Delhi street food vendor. Confused? Well, so are we! Read on to find out more.

Delhi Vendor Prepares Corn Snack With Chocolate Sauce & Masala

Food vlogger Anikait Luthra shared a video on Instagram, that instantly irked foodies. The video shows a Delhi vendor taking a steamed cob of corn and spreading butter on it. Next, the vendor tops it with generous amounts of chocolate sauce and dollops of cream. If you think this is crazy, wait till he finishes the dish. The vendor goes on to top the sweet corn with spicy masala and squeezes lemon juice on it. His unique creation is ready for a taste.

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Netizens Ask Why!

This viral video garnered over 33,000 likes and many comments from social media users. A simple corn on cob recipe was massacred to give it a confusing twist. Chocolate syrup, cream, masala and lemon? What was he thinking? This corn dish of the street food stall in East Delhi has left shocked the internet. Netizens kept asking “Why?” One netizen asked, who mixes masala and chocolate? Well, you’ve got to try this and let us know. Meanwhile, we tried out some weird food combinations, so you don’t have to! Check this video out.

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