Delhi To Get Heli Taxi Services, Smart Roads & Bullet Trains In The Near Future

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1417

Delhiites, your city is on the road to a major makeover. From heli taxi services, smart roads to bullet trains, the capital will not only welcome tourists in style but also create a swanky environment for locals. The Draft Regional Plan-2041 (DRP-2041) aims to evolve Delhi into a “future-ready” and financially prosperous area with top-notch infrastructure. Read on to know what you can expect.

Parking Spaces, Heli Taxi Services To Boost Tourism In Delhi

According to Mint, Delhi will get designed parking spaces near entry and exit points for the city. This initiative will facilitate overnight parking of commercial vehicles, public transport vehicles including cabs and buses. Trauma centres on each national, state and expressway will be developed within a travel time of one hour. The draft also highlights that heli taxi services will come up to promote tourism and improve connectivity to cities in NCR. The draft plan reveals that each district headquarters and tourist destination will be equipped with heli taxi services to boost tourism.

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Delhi To Develop 75 Smart Tourist Destinations

‘Fly-from-Delhi NCR’ will be promoted thanks to helicopters and operational airports at every NCR district headquarter. The Mint report highlights that world-class air travel facilities and aviation hubs are in the works. NCR participating states shall identify and develop at least 75 smart tourist destinations or sites and at least 5 world-class circuits in every sub-region. These world-class circuits must offer local experiences and theme-based museums celebrating the heritage and natural beauty of the region. Superfast trains and two regional expressways are also part of the plan. So, you can expect Delhi 2.0 in the near future. When it comes to the future, visit India’s first museum of illusions in Delhi. 

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