Delhi To Have World’s Largest COVID-19 Facility

by Suchismita Pal
Delhi To Have World’s Largest COVID-19 Facility

To effectively manage the increasing number of cases in the Capital, the Delhi government is now transforming South Delhi’s Radha Soami Satsang Beas Spiritual Centre into the world’s largest COVID-19 healthcare facility. The facility is going to be equipped with about 10,000 beds. Also, these will be special corrugated cardboard beds, which do not need sanitization, and are recyclable. As per reports, the beds do not need to be sanitized as the virus cannot remain stable on cardboards for more than 24 hours. Read on to know the details.

South Delhi To Get World’s Largest COVID-19 Healthcare Facility With 10,000 Beds

The spiritual campus in Chattarpur has an area of around 12,50,000 square feet, which is equivalent to the size of nearly 22 football fields. Also, it has preinstalled CCTV cameras and fans, making it easier for the authorities to quickly convert it into a temporary coronavirus care facility. District Magistrate BM Mishra, who is monitoring the operations at this place, notified that the set-up of the facility is in accordance with the guidelines of the Centre and it will operate like 20 mini hospitals with 500 bed each. 10 percent of the beds in each 500-bed hospital will have oxygen supply. Some other beds will be allotted for basic isolation.

World's Largest COVID-19 facility Delhi
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Also, the authorities are planning to create polyvinyl flooring, as disinfecting them is easier, They will divide the ground into different zones. Each zone will be covered from all sides. Military and paramilitary personnel will assist with logistics, maintenance, manpower and medical equipment. Also, about 400 doctors will work in two shifts, once the facility is operational.  Earlier,  Delhi’s Majnu Ka Tila Gurudwara had turned into a quarantine facility for the coronavirus patients.

What Else?

The Chattarpur campus of Radha Soami Satsang Beas had offered shelter to the migrant workers too, until recently. Its semi-industrial community kitchens can feed over 10,000 people at a time. Also, many luxury hotels in Delhi had provided assistance to the underprivileged, migrant workers and daily wagers with free meals. Apart from hotels, many renowned eateries in the city also went the extra mile to lend a helping hand to the needy amid the pandemic.

World's Largest COVID-19 facility Delhi
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Delhi has now around 44,688 confirmed cases with 1837 deaths. Thus, it was highly necessary to come up with a quarantine facility that is spacious enough to cater to such a huge number of patients. This initiative by the Delhi government to convert the spiritual centre is thus laudable. On that note, meet this Delhi girl who fed nearly 250 people and strays during the lockdown.