Delhi Zoo Aims To Enter World’s Top 10 List By Getting A Virtual Reality Makeover!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Delhi Zoo Aims To Enter World’s Top 10 List By Getting A Virtual Reality Makeover!

Delhi is set to level up its entertainment scene. The Delhi zoo has long been a place for school trips and leisure walks but, soon it might become the most sought-after spot in the city. The National Zoological Park is planning to unveil a feature that could bring it closer to being on the list of top 10 zoos in the world. Virtual Reality is the game plan to win this race.

What is it

The Delhi zoo wants to introduce Virtual Reality experiential options on site. The move is being planned to make the zoo more fun. Visits can be made engaging and informative with the help of latest technology available in the world. Why not put all our resources in the basket if a makeover is on way!

delhi zoo
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The experience will reportedly work on a GPS based app. All you will have to do is put your headphones on and be ready to let yourself go in the arms of virtual reality. This will allow visitors to feel closer to the animals without having to chase or wait for them to appear. Instead of looking at a lion sitting under a tree, people could watch the animals in action, understand their movements. Range Officer Saurabh Vashishtha was reportedly saying, “The technology will change people’s perspective. It will allow visitors to interact with animals without disturbing them. It will be an exhilarating adventure.” Delhi is not the only one with big plans. The UP Government To Build Shaheed Ashfaqullah Khand Zoological Garden To Attract Global Tourists!

What’s more

In an age when people are shifting from zoos to reserved forests because of cruelty, virtual reality might be able to help the transition. Humans have an unending fascination with animals (we can’t help it if they’re so beautiful). Virtual reality might make us realise we don’t need to keep animals in captivity. The app will carry information about animals’ natural habitat and nature in the form of text, pictures, audio and video for maximum engagement.

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The Delhi zoo will also incorporate a direction guide so that no one gets lost there ever again. That’s going to save a lot of time and energy leaving people with an automatically improved experience. The next three months is when all crucial decisions regarding the upgrade will be taken. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this city!

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