Delhi’s Lodhi Gardens Is Blooming With Gorgeous Red Kusum Trees & We’re In Love

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Delhi’s Lodhi Gardens Is Blooming With Gorgeous Red Kusum Trees & We’re In Love

Talk about Delhiites’ favourite place to hang out, and they will surely name Lodhi Garden. It is a beautiful city park, spread over 90 acres of land. The garden has Mohammed Shah’s Tomb, the Shisha Gumbad, the tomb of Sikander Lodi, and more. But walking through this garden feels completely dreamy during the spring season when various trees and flowers bloom beautifully. 

Delhi’s Lodhi Garden Is Making Us Fall In Love

Walk into the Lodhi Garden of Delhi, and I am sure you will feel teleported to some fantasy land. It’s spring here, and the garden looks completely dreamy as the trees and flowers in the garden bloom at full capacity. 

Recently, Delhitrees shared pictures of the gorgeous red Kusum trees from the garden, and we could not take our eyes off them. Kusum trees have a broad and shaded crown and look simply magical as the red colour takes over them during spring. 

The tree turns completely red after a dormant period, and its height can reach up to 30 metres. Even the wood of the tree, which turns reddish brown, has medicinal uses. The beautiful red trees stand out among the other trees, making them a centre of attraction. 

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Spring Mode On

The pictures posted by Delhitrees on their official Twitter account have by far garnered 131K views and over 2,500 likes. Many people have also bookmarked this post. The motto of the account is to share knowledge about the trees in Delhi. 

The account has posted many pictures that show other sites in Delhi, which are in spring mode. It posted pictures from Rajghat, Indira Priyadarshini, and more on its account. In one of the posts, there were pictures of mulberries, which are easily available around Delhi. 

Many people shared pictures from the garden during the spring season and called it one of the best places in Delhi. People could not stop themselves from appreciating the beauty of the beautiful trees in Delhi. 

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What was your reaction to the pictures? Let us know. 

Cover Image Courtesy:Delhitrees/ Twitter