Delhi’s Most Popular Markets Including Sarojini Nagar To Get A Stunning Makeover

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Delhi’s Most Popular Markets Including Sarojini Nagar To Get A Stunning Makeover

How often have you heard about the markets in Delhi and wished to shop there? Well, Delhi is home to some of the most famous markets in India. Recently, Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal announced that five popular markets of the city are selected to go for the first phase of rebranding and redevelopment, including the Sarojini market which is known as the fast fashion market. 

Increase In Business And Employment

Kejriwal said in a virtual press conference that as promised in the budgets five markets will be redeveloped and rebranded. This will not only benefit the tourists who come down to Delhi to shop but also will help the vendors to increase their business and also generate employment. He further said that they received about 49 applications from 33 markets after putting out advertisements in newspapers. These 5 markets have been shortlisted by a committee of eight people who visited the market and decided on the list. 

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World Standard Market

The five shortlisted markets include Kamala Nagar, a college students’ favourite, Khari Baoli, Asia’s largest wholesale spice market, Lajpat Nagar, a popular spot for weddings and high street shopping, Kirthi Nagar, home décor and fast-fashion mecca of the city, and Sarojini Nagar. Kejriwal said that the plan is to make sure that all the markets in the city meet the world standard. He informed us that a design competition will be held soon where the country’s best designers and architects can participate. The redevelopment of the market will be based on the best designs from the competition. 

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