Delivery Man Arrives On Horse To Deliver Package In Snow Covered Srinagar

amazon delivery on horse
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 507

If you have been waiting for your knight in shining armour riding on a horse, rushing to visit you, well then Srinagar’s residents just found the man of their dreams. No, we aren’t talking about prince charming, but rather an Amazon delivery agent. After all, our online delivery orders are nothing short of happily ever afters amid this pandemic. In Srinagar, an Amazon delivery agent let nothing stop him from delivering his orders, not even the snow. He rode on a horse in in the snow-filled wonderland to fulfil his orders. This viral video and fairytale story will surely warm your hearts.

Your Delivery Is Neighher You!

After heavy snowfall that disrupted flight operations and vehicular traffic in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir, one Amazon delivery executive rode a horse! Yes we kid you not. He rode a horse to drop off orders. His video surfaced on social media sites yesterday. And has already been viewed a thousand of times. Many have also tagged Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and wondered if the company was inspired by popular Turkish series Ertuğrul.

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Netizens Applaud The Delivery Agent For His Unique Mode Of Delivery

One Twitter user commented, “This guy deserves appreciation.” Another said “Salute to the rider and the horse.” Many people applauded the delivery agent for going the extra mile to make sure he delivers the packages. Trotting about in a horse in knee-deep snow isn’t an easy task. Over the last week, Jammu & Kashmir has faced non-stop snowfall. While air traffic between Kashmir and rest of the globe restored, fresh snowfall over the weekend once again led to the cancellation or delay of many flights. Meanwhile, if you wish to visit Srinagar, here are some things you must do. 

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