Desert Safaris Remain High In Demand Throughout Summer As Operators Offer Massive Discounts

by Deeplata Garde
Desert Safaris Remain High In Demand Throughout Summer As Operators Offer Massive Discounts

These UAE desert safaris are on everyone’s bucket list. It doesn’t concern whether they reside or visit Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, or any other seven emirates. Stay tuned for more severe dune pounding as you learn about Bedouin culture. But with increasing degrees in UAE will people still prefer this outdoor activity? Well, to our surprise, yes!

Demand For Desert Safaris Increase In UAE

People are still going on desert safaris when it’s above 45 degrees outside, and summer vacation is still going strong. Typically, the months of June and July see relatively low traffic for desert safaris. But this year, demand has been exceptionally high. The reason is the lack of available vehicles. Throughout the Covid-19 outbreak, many businesses and individual drivers sold their automobiles. This indicates that the current fleet of cars on the circuit is more minor.


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This summer, Dubai has constantly welcomed travellers from across the world, according to all tour operators. The nations of travellers vary widely; while some have had a lot of visitors from India and Nigeria, others have primarily received inquiries from Europeans. Israel has been the primary market for other people like Fawzan.

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Is The Demand High Due To Cheaper Rates?

A significant factor in attracting more customers to indulge in this activity. Previous months have been profitable compared to August when the numbers seem to drop. The weekends are a lot cheaper, leading to the whole house maximum times. The discount percentage ranges between 20-25%.

Lowering the pricing, according to the organisers, will have an impact on the market. As a result, their prices change following market norms. Based on the buyer’s desires, a good desert safari trip can cost anywhere from Dhs125 to Dhs150.

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