Despite Paris’s Airline Industry Struggling To Manage Demand, It Hosts 1st Airshow In 4 Years

by Tooba Shaikh
Despite Paris’s Airline Industry Struggling To Manage Demand, It Hosts 1st Airshow In 4 Years

The deficit in the travel industry that the pandemic left is now starting to be filled. After the sudden surge of travellers, aviation industry officials have struggled to meet the demand. The aviation industry especially in Paris is facing this struggle. Amidst these struggles, the aviation industry in Paris is hosting an airshow. The airshow is hoped to yield huge orders of aircraft from premier airlines which will aid the industry in meeting demands.

Paris Hosts Airshow Despite Aviation Industry Struggling

Paris airshow
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The airshow is supposed to be one of the biggest aviation industry conclaves in the world and prominent people from the industry are said to be present there. This airshow is happening after a gap of four long years and it is hoped that a huge number of orders for aircraft will be placed by aviation corporations.

Owing to obstruction in production, corporations are struggling to complete the orders they’ve received for aircraft. Given such struggles, Airbus and Boeing are pushing to increase the speed of production so that they can better meet the demand.

However, as the demand for new aircraft increases, some luminaries have expressed concern that this might inevitably lead to airlines having a surplus of aircraft. These seasoned professionals blame the kind of herd mentality that governs these situations.

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Officials Also Looking For Female Pilots

Paris airshow
Image Credits: Canva Images (Representational)

According to an article recently published by the Hindustan Times, this particular airshow will exhibit performances by Rafale fighter jets. These performances are also hoped to attract new talents to the industry. Officials are on the lookout for new pilots, preferably female, to pilot the new jets.

Some officials have also stated that the issues plaguing the supply-chain problems are being resolved gradually. The airshow is being held amidst a climate crisis plaguing the entire world right now.

Scientists as well as environmentalists have, time and again, warned people of how aeroplanes are dangerous to the environment. Flying aircraft when it isn’t for the transportation of people seems frivolous and a waste of precious resources.

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Cover Image Credits: Canva Images (Representational)