Development Of This Air- Conditioned 93km Highway Will Turn Dubai Into More Cycle-Friendly City

by Deeplata Garde
Development Of This Air- Conditioned 93km Highway Will Turn Dubai Into More Cycle-Friendly City

Everyone in the UAE will agree that obtaining your recommended daily steps might be challenging. But things in Dubai are about to change. The Loop, a 93 km long climate-controlled urban motorway that will connect residents all over Dubai by 2040, will be built there. You will be able to walk and ride a bike throughout the entire year in Dubai. So long, summertime sweat.

Walk & Ride On A Greener Path In Dubai


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Not only that, but this project also pledges to be a sustainable and emissions-free transportation system. It will include sustainable and eco-friendly technologies, urban agriculture, parks, and facilities for nearby inhabitants.

URB, a pioneer in creating high-tech, ecological communities that support Dubai’s 2040 Urban Master Plan, is the brains behind such an initiative. Across 3 million people all over the metropolis will be connected by the climate-controlled urban motorway known as The Loop, enabling a more active method of travelling in Dubai.

About 80% of the city’s residents will use The Loop as their major form of transportation. It will also serve as a community gathering spot and offer leisure and wellness amenities. This multipurpose utopia will have lush parks and vertical farming initiatives that help to keep local communities access to food security. It’s going to be a whimsical experience.

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The Loop Fits In Dubai’s 20-Min City Idea

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The project’s initial phase will most likely finish by the end of the year. In the event that The Loop is built, residents who use it will get compensation for their daily bicycle or step efforts. A mobile app would track metrics, and users would receive additional benefits as they used The Loop more frequently.

The plans align with Dubai’s goal of becoming one of the world’s most livable cities.

There are several proposed routes for The Loop, including one that passes through the neighbourhoods of Expo City, JLT, Al Quoz, Downtown Dubai, Meydan, and Academic City.

We are totally excited about this upcoming project, are you?

Cover Image Courtesy: URB