DEWA’s Jebel Ali Power Plant Bags 2nd Guinness World Record

by Ishita Agarwal
DEWA’s Jebel Ali Power Plant Bags 2nd Guinness World Record

By earning the Guinness World Records title a second time, DEWA’s Jebel Ali Power Plant has made significant progress. They are the owners and operators of the world’s largest single-site water desalination facility, with a daily production capacity of 490 million imperial gallons, or 2,227,587 cubic metres. This sounds ‘Guinness’ for sure! Let’s know more about it. 

DEWA Jebel Ali Power Plant Is All About Water Sustainability 


The Guinness World Records accepted this power plant as the world’s largest single-site natural gas power generation facility in 2021. The complex can produce 9,547MW of electricity. Al Tayer was presented with the certificate by officials of Guinness World Records at the 24th WETEX, which was organised by DEWA, and the Dubai Solar Show 2022. 

Reverse osmosis technology, which makes use of less energy than MSF plants, is used by DEWA to desalinate seawater. Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) stores excess desalinated water in subterranean basins. These three pillars help DEWA sustain its water production. 

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The Largest Emergency Potable Water Storage In The World


In addition to protecting the environment, this strategy offers a viable economic option. When finished by 2025, this project will enable the storage and retrieval of 6,000 million imperial gallons of water. This will make it the world’s largest emergency potable water storage. With this method, the emirate can have a safe emergency water supply of 50 million imperial gallons per day for 90 days. 

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The DEWA’s Jebel Ali Power Plant is working on water sustainability, so that in the time of emergency, people can use the stored water. They have marked a fantastic breakthrough by achieving the second Guinness World Record.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/DubaiMediaOffice