UAE: Your Medical Records Are Now Centralised, Thanks To Malaffi Launched At GITEX GLOBAL

by Deeplata Garde
UAE: Your Medical Records Are Now Centralised, Thanks To Malaffi Launched At GITEX GLOBAL

On the sidelines of its participation in GITEX Global 2022, the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) introduces the Malaffi Health Portal. It is an avant-garde expansion of the region’s first Health Information Exchange platform, Malaffi. Patients will have access to the most recent information regarding their doctor appointments.

Malaffi Health Portal At GITEX GLOBAL

DOH is taking part in GITEX Global 2022 to highlight Abu Dhabi’s innovative digital healthcare model. DOH cordially invites visitors to stop by its 28th booth at GITEX Technology Week 2022.

The Portal aims to give the community of the Emirate simple navigation to their unified medical records. They are accessible via a website and application. The Health Portal keeps track of the remarkable impact Malaffi had on the people of Abu Dhabi. The introduction of the portal happened in 2019. Malaffi connects all hospitals and 99% of patient episodes are in Abu Dhabi. This makes it one of the swiftest Health Information Exchange (HIE) rollouts internationally at the moment.

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The Malaffi Health Portal promotes a patient-centric strategy that aims to improve collective decision among patients and healthcare professionals in the Emirate.

How To Access This Portal

Patients can also access it online via the website. After verifying crucial details, including Emirates ID, patients will be able to safely log in using a validated UAE Pass account or with their email address.

According to a recent YouGov survey, 78% of Abu Dhabi residents stated they are likely to utilise the Health Portal. Around 85% said they feel having internet connectivity to their health records would help them maintain their health better.

It’s time to visit the Dubai World trade centre and check out further information regarding the portal.

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