DGCA Imposes ₹30 Lakh Fine On Air India For The Peeing Incident, Suspends License Of Pilot In-Command Too

by Shreya Ghosh
DGCA Imposes ₹30 Lakh Fine On Air India For The Peeing Incident, Suspends License Of Pilot In-Command Too

The entire aviation industry was in shock when they came to know about the peeing incident on an Air India flight. A drunk male passenger named Shankar Mishra exposed himself and peed on a woman passenger on 26 November 2022. That incident led to so many notices and lastly, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) imposed a fine of a whopping amount on Air India as the airline didn’t handle the incident with care and violated rules.

DGCA Fines Air India Penalty Of ₹30 Lakhs

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This penalty is imposed on Air India as they were negligent when the incident took place. Not only this fine, but the authority also imposed a fine of ₹3 lakhs on the Director-in-flight services of the airline. DGCA also suspended the license of the Pilot-In-Command for 3 months as he did not take the necessary action at that moment. This incident has made many headlines in the past few weeks and Air India was the talk of the town for all the negative reasons.

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The airline has already temporarily banned the male passenger, Shankar Mishra, who urinated on a fellow woman passenger. He is banned from flying on any Air India flight for the next 4 months.

What Really Happened On The Flight That Day?

The flight was arriving in Delhi from New York on 26 November 2022. The accused inebriated male passenger peed on an old woman passenger and later chaos started in-flight. The case saw so many twists since the time the incident was known all over the world. While the woman accused the man of his behaviour, the accused man’s lawyer stated that the woman peed all over herself because of her health issues. The woman has responded to such claims as derogatory and wrong.

In fact, the co-passenger of the accused talked about the incident and shared that the drunk man felt that he was going to be in trouble.

In the past few weeks, we came to know about so many unwanted incidents on the airline. While a passenger peed on another, another passenger found a stone in her in-flight food. And with this penalty of ₹3 lakhs, ₹30 lakhs, and suspension, the misfortune of this TATA-owned airline continues.

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