Not Again, Air India! This Time, Woman Found Big Stone In Her In-Flight Meal

by Tooba Shaikh
Not Again, Air India! This Time, Woman Found Big Stone In Her In-Flight Meal

Air India is definitely facing a PR nightmare these days. Just a couple of days back, the airline was in the news when a drunk passenger peed on another passenger’s blanket. This time it’s again in the headlines because a woman found a giant stone in her in-flight meal. Many people criticised the airline for its terrible food and service. Though Air India did display contrition, their image in the public eye will be hard to salvage.

Woman Finds A Big Stone In Air India Meal

A couple of days ago, a woman posted some pictures on the micro-blogging website Twitter which showed a huge stone that she found in an in-flight meal. The photograph shows the woman holding a chunky stone over what seems to be her in-flight meal. Unappetising as the meal looks, it is made worse by the fact that it had a stone in it.

The pictures were posted by a Sarvapriya Sangwan with the caption “You don’t need resources and money to ensure stone-free food Air India. This is what I received in my food served in the flight AI 215 today. Crew member Ms. Jadon was informed. This kind of negligence is unacceptable.” Of course, this tweet was bound to go viral. The tweet received over 30 thousand views and a variety of responses.

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Airline Responds With An Apology

The tweet drew a lot of attention from Netizens who joined her in ridiculing the airline for its many faults that they too had encountered in the past. The Twitter handle of the airline responded pretty quickly to the woman’s complaint. The tweet said “Dear Ma’am, this is concerning and we’re taking this up immediately with our Catering team. Please allow us some time to get back. We appreciate you bring[g]ing this to our notice.”

As is common on the Internet, some of the responses Sangwan’s tweet got were hilarious and tried to poke fun at the situation. “It’s a treasure hunt & you are the winner.” said one funny tweet. The situation is being investigated and those responsible should soon receive appropriate repercussions.

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Cover Image Credits: @DrSarvapriya/Twitter