DGCA Imposes A Hefty Penalty Of ₹1.1 Crore On Air India For Violating Safety Rules

Here's why the Directorate General of Civil Aviation slapped a fine of ₹1.1 crore on Air India.

by Shreya Ghosh
DGCA Imposes A Hefty Penalty Of ₹1.1 Crore On Air India For Violating Safety Rules

It has not even been the second month of the year and we have already read about a huge number of unusual incidents of airlines and airports. Unfortunately, reports like these are only increasing. In a recent development and turn of events, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) slapped a fine of ₹1.1 crore on Air India. Why did the aviation regulator impose the fine? Read all about it here.

DGCA Fined Air India With A Penalty Of ₹1.1 Crore

Air India
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DGCA recently imposed a hefty fine of ₹1.1 Crore on Air India for non-compliance and violating safety norms and rules. The aviation regulator mentioned conducting a comprehensive investigation after receiving a complaint from a former Air India pilot. The employee submitted a voluntary safety report specifying the alleged violations on long-range routes, according to a report by the Indian Express. The airline violated safety norms on some long-range terrain critical routes. Along with the penalty, DGCA also started enforcement action, as stated in the recently released statement.

DGCA conducted a proper comprehensive investigation and it led to the reasons behind imposing the hefty penalty. It revealed “non-compliance by the airline”, stated DGCA. It also issued a show cause notice to Air India Limited’s Accountable Manager. The aviation regulator released a statement mentioning that the show cause notice’s response “was duly examined concerning the laid down stipulations under the relevant statutory provisions and the performance limits stipulated in critical documentations laid down by the Original Equipment Manufacturer”.

The pilot who complained and submitted the voluntary safety report back in October served as a Boeing 777 commander, according to some sources of the DGCA. He also mentioned the airline running the 777 aircraft without the presence of enough emergency oxygen supply for some journeys from India to the United States.

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Here’s What The Pilot Complained About

Air India
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He stated about declining to fly a Bengaluru-bound flight from San Francisco in January 2023 as there was not sufficient emergency oxygen. Later, he operated the plane only after Air India added a differnt route to this journey.

It was only about a week back when the regulator slapped Air India with a penalty of ₹30 lakh. This fine by DGCA was for assigning the airline’s pilots in between foggy weather.

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