#DharoharBharatKi: PM Modi To Amit Shah, Ministers Are Praising Docu-Film Featuring Kamiya Jani

by Shreya Ghosh
#DharoharBharatKi: PM Modi To Amit Shah, Ministers Are Praising Docu-Film Featuring Kamiya Jani

It is a moment of pride and a time for a grand celebration at Curly Tales! Curly Tales Editor-In-Chief, Kamiya Jani is getting featured in the upcoming documentary “Dharohar Bharat Ki” representing the rich past and present of India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to his various social media platforms to share a grand promo of this documentary where the host, Kamiya Jani takes the viewers on a virtual journey to witness the glory of the country.

Kamiya Jani Features In The Trailer Of Dharohar Bharat Ki!

PM Modi shared the trailer of this programme on various social media platforms. This video gives us some sneak peeks at the documentary and how it will be representing the glorifying culture and rich heritage of our country. Not just the cultural aspects and developments that are hidden in several corners of our country, this documentary will also be highlighting the immense contribution and sacrifice of our freedom fighters in the past and the ones who are protecting us in uniform today.

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Indian Ministers Are Sharing The Trailer Of Dharohar Bharat Ki Featuring Kamiya Jani

This documentary shows the glory, pride, and stories of India to the whole world. This documentary is about emphasising several aspects of the country from decades back to the present time. From the changes that we are witnessing today under the government, many upcoming infrastructural developments, national heritage sites, and religious places in India to the lesser-known stories of the ones who gave up everything for the motherland, this documentary is going to be epic!

From Amit Shah to Piyush Goyal to Nitin Gadkari, Ministers of India are sharing the trailer of the programme on their social media platforms featuring Kamiya Jani.

Here’s the compilation of tweets about Dharohar Bharat Ki:

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Details About Dharohar Bharat Ki:

  • This documentary will be airing on Doordarshan.
  • You can watch the two-part documentary on 14 and 15 April 2023.
  • It will begin at 8 PM.
  • Dharohar Bharat Ki will be available on Jio Cinemas as well.

This documentary is going to be a treasure of information and anecdotes about India’s past and present. Make sure to watch it today and tomorrow!

Cover Image Courtesy: Youtube/ Narendra Modi