Did You Know There’s A Patna Outside India? Located 7665 Km From Its Bihari Namesake, This Town Is In Scotland!

All thanks to Colonel William Fullarton!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Did You Know There’s A Patna Outside India? Located 7665 Km From Its Bihari Namesake, This Town Is In Scotland!

Does Patna exist in Scotland or India? News flash, both counties have their own Patna! India’s Patna is now a developing modern city perched on the banks of the divine Ganga, while Scotland’s Patna is a countryside village with a slow life amidst the lush mountains and, surprisingly, also near River Doon. Makes you wonder if they were identical twins, separated by lands and sea, doesn’t it? Let’s delve into the connection between Patna in India and Patna in Scotland.

This 19th Century Village In Scotland Is Named Patna, Just Like Bihar’s Capital

A picturesque village in Scotland goes by the name of Patna. No, we are not talking about Bihar’s capital. There is indeed a Patna outside of India! This quaint village is set in East Ayrshire, which is around 7665 km away from Patna, Bihar and takes more than 12 hours of air travel to reach.

We cannot ignore the obvious similarities between these locations! First and foremost, they are both located directly beside rivers. River Doon passes through Doon Valley and the village of Patna, while India’s Patna has the River Ganga. Rice-growing agricultural land comes next in line with similarities. The insanely large paddy fields of Patnas are a mesmerising sight to behold.

Seems like a piece of India’s Patna was broken, taken across continents and set in Scotland. Despite the geographical locations, there is definitely a unique cultural, historical and heritage blend.

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Is There Any Connection Between Them?

John Fullarton was posted in Bihar’s Patna as a General Major in the British Army and soon made close connections and relations in the locality. His son, William Fullarton, was born in Patna, India, in 1774 and spent a considerable amount of his childhood there. In the early years of the 19th century, William moved to Scotland for coal and limestone mining. That is when he established Patna in East Ayrshire.

He named it as an ode to his birthplace in India and provided housing for his mining workers. The place has a university, bridge, church, clubs, golf courses, school and many more things that bear the name of Patna. Interestingly, you might find an Indian Patna resident in the Patna village in Scotland.

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You now know about a fascinating historical connection between our national and international Patnas! 

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