Did You Know There’s A ‘Stranger Things’ Themed Airbnb In The US?

by Sanjana Shenoy
Did You Know There’s A ‘Stranger Things’ Themed Airbnb In The US?

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We all know the theme music of Stranger Things. That spooky music and the amazing story that follows the exploits of four friends and one mother to find Will who is stuck in the Upside Down made a huge sensation around the world. And how can we forget Hopper and Eleven? As the fourth instalment of this cult show is slated to release soon, we have something that will tickle every Stranger Things fan! Here’s the good news, you can soon rent a Stranger Things themed Airbnb accommodation in the US. We’re not screaming, you are!

Picture Credits: insider.com

What’s In It? 

One Airbnb accommodation in St. Louis, Missouri, US has modelled itself around the iconic alphabet wall seen in the first season. This was the way that the character of Joyce Byers (played by Winona Ryder) interacted with her lost son Will (Noah Schnapp) who was stuck in the ‘Upside Down’ dimension.

Picture Credits: insider.com

This 1980s themed basement suite named ‘The Upside Den’ allows fans to book a night for US$ 49 or roughly ₹3490. This suite can accommodate four-persons and includes a pillow fort and basic amenities like Wifi and a workspace. You can also enjoy 50 VHS tapes and a VCR which will transport you to the 80s. Also, for those who are serious fans, this place also includes Dungeons & Dragons set for you to play with your friends.

Picture Credits: denofgreek.com

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What’s The USP? 

This place has a rating of 4.95 from 159 reviews and is presented by Airbnb ‘Superhost’ Ann who, as the website describes, is an “experienced and a highly-rated host…committed to providing great stays for guests”. We sure hope those fortunate to enjoy a stay here after this pandemic can have a blast unlike ever before. You can even Live Like A Maharaja As Jaipur City Palace Lists On Airbnb For The First Time Ever!

Picture Credits: stlmag.com

What do we feel?

Stranger Things is more than just a show for us. And while we did not grow up in the 80’s, we enjoy the finer gifts of that era. From cassettes to VHS to Walkman’s to the arrivals of malls, we love every aspect of those times. We’re sure a few nights in this den will not only transport us back to that amazing time but will give us the chills of Stranger things in a fun way! Just make sure to keep an eye out for any Demogorgon and you will be good to go!