Digha Beach Near Kolkata Is The Perfect Place For A Family Getaway

by Tushal Kukreja
Digha Beach Near Kolkata Is The Perfect Place For A Family Getaway

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There are a few beaches to which we can never say No and Digha Beach is one of them.

What Is It?

Digha has many attractions to visit, however, the one that stood out for us unanimously was it’s beach. Digha beach is a mesmerizing untouched beauty that has its shoreline spread across the dense Casuarina plantations. The land where Digha beach is currently located, used to be called as ‘Beerkul’, which was discovered in the 18th century by the British. The beach has been given the title of ‘Brighton of the East’ by Warren Hastings – Bengal’s first Governor General.

If you’re tired of going to restaurants for a date then head to this beach for a stroll, because sometimes all you need is to walk in the sand and allow the wind to play with your hair.

What To Do?

Digha is a flat beach and is supposedly one of the widest beaches in the world. Individuals can indulge in activities such as swimming and motor boating since the waves are gentle in nature. The best way to go site seeing at the beach is go for a motorboat ride.

How To Get There?

The nearest city to this beach is Kolkata from where it takes 4h 15m to reach by bus. The cheapest way to reach Digha is by   Hwh Dgha Duront train and the fastest is to take a taxi which takes approximately 3h 43m.

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