Digital Nomad Visa: What Is It And Which Countries Are Offering It

For all those who love working from around the world, this visa is your saviour.

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Digital Nomad Visa: What Is It And Which Countries Are Offering It

Not everyone likes the idea of ‘work from home.’ After all, being confined in a closed space is neither easy nor healthy! So for all those who love working from around the world, this visa is your saviour. Comfortable weather, good wifi, budget-friendly living, and a remote working Visa – work life sorted. So, here’s all you need to know about a Digital Nomad Visa.

What Is a Digital Nomad Visa?

A Digital nomad visa is a permit that allows you to work remotely in a foreign country. To qualify for this visa, you usually have to work for a company outside of your host country or have a business that’s manageable from anywhere in the world.

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Which Countries Offer The Visa?

Here’s a comprehensive list of countries offering the Digital Nomad Visa as of April 2024: –

European Countries

1. Albania

2. Armenia

3. Croatia

4. Cyprus

5. Czech Republic

6. Estonia

7. France

8. Georgia

9. Germany

10. Greece

11. Hungary

12. Iceland

13. Ireland

14. Italy

15. Latvia

16. Malta

17. Montenegro

18. Netherlands

19. Norway

20. North Macedonia

21. Portugal

22. Romania

23. Serbia

24. Spain

Central And North America

1. Belize

2. Costa Rica

3. El Salvador

4. Mexico

5. Panama

South American Countries

1. Argentina

2. Brazil

3. Colombia

4. Ecuador

5. Peru

Middle-East And Asian Countries

1. India (Goa)

2. Indonesia (Bali)

3. Japan

4. Malaysia

5. South Korea

6. Sri Lanka

7. Taiwan

8. Thailand

9. Turkey

10. UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai)

11. Vietnam

Caribbean Countries

1. Antigua And Barbuda

2. Anguilla

3. Aruba

4. Bahamas

5. Barbados

6. Bermudas

7. Cayman Islands

8. Curacao

9. Dominica

10. Grenada

11. Montserrat

12. Puerto Rico

13. Saint Lucia

African Countries

1. Cabo Verde

2. Egypt

3. Mauritius

4. Namibia

5. Seychelles

6. South Africa

Oceanian Countries

1. Australia

2. New Zealand

Best Countries Offering Digital Nomad Visa

1. Georgia

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Georgia is one of the best countries to get a digital nomad visa. It was in 2020 that Georgia introduced their digital nomad visa called “Remotely from Georgia”. The cherry on top is that this particular scheme is meant to be available to people all around the world. However, the program will apply to only those who stay in Georgia for six months or more. One of the major advantages of getting a visa here is its simple visa application process.

2. Anguilla

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Anguilla, with pristine beaches and calm sunsets, is an ideal location for the Digi nomads. The application process for the digital nomad visa here is hassle-free and the processing time is just 7 to 14 days. The Digi nomad visa allows you to live in Anguilla for one year. However, Anguilla isn’t cheap and the cost of living is quite high. But its mesmerizing climate and the serene sea views will surely make up for it!

3. Costa Rica

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The Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa, known as Costa Rica DNV, was first announced in October of 2021. The country started processing the visa in July 2022. It also offers a special visa for Digi nomads called Rentista that encourages freelancers and remote workers to settle there for work for two years.

4. Dubai

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Dubai is a beautiful place to relocate and work remotely. Dubai’s digital nomad visa, “Work Remotely from Dubai,” has been attracting workers since March 2021. There are also numerous benefits of working as a Digital Nomad in Dubai. It’s tax-free, has a good healthcare system, and most importantly has one of the fastest internet connections.

5. Iceland

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To be able to say you are ‘Working from Iceland’ must be a dream, isn’t it? Iceland introduced its remote work digital nomad visa first in October 2020. Since then it has attracted a high number of tourists. The visa allows you to live in Iceland for around six months. And the best part is that Iceland now offers its first long-term visa for those outside the EEA too. So all you Digi-nomads out there, make your plans accordingly!

Please note that this information is subject to change as and when governments update their Visa policies.

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Now that you know about the digital nomad visa, when are you planning on getting one? Do let us know in the comments section below!

With inputs from Sushmita Mahanta and Tooba Shaikh.

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