DigiYatra: After Delhi And Bengaluru, Pune, Vijayawada & Kolkata Airports To Offer Swifter Check In

by Shreya Rathod
DigiYatra: After Delhi And Bengaluru, Pune, Vijayawada & Kolkata Airports To Offer Swifter Check In

For airports in India, DigiYatra is a revolutionary technology. The facial recognition system, where you don’t need to produce any documents, is a convenient way to get through the security checkpoints. Moreover, your face is conveniently used as a pass at every checkpoint. The success of DigiYatra at Bengaluru, Delhi and Varanasi airports is recognised by every citizen. This has prompted the Airport Authority of India to take a step further in implementing it in other airports as well. Here is what chairman Sanjeev Kumar said on Thursday about DigiYatra.

DigiYatra At Airports

Credits: Wikimedia

On the occasion of Republic Day, the chairman of the Airport Authority of India unfurled the national flag. Also, he gave a speech praising the new technology at Delhi, Bengaluru and Varanasi airports that are making crowds at airports manageable. He further states that DigiYatra was the most important decision after almost four years of hard work. The Airport Authority of India is working on making an effortless travel environment for passengers. Further, he accepted that private operators have helped them achieve this success.

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The AAI Chairman’s Words

Sanjeev Kumar praised the DigiYatra service at the Varanasi airport and stated that almost thirty per cent of the passengers use the service. Also, he expresses his happiness about installing this brand-new technology and making people’s lives easier. DigiYatra was a huge step for making paperless and seamless travel without documents for everyone. He also requested other passengers to use this service and take a step in making ‘Digital India’.

This success will, of course, call for DigiYatra to be implemented at other airports. With one-time registration, passengers can avail of a smooth journey without document hassle.

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