Dine At Cafe Toto In Kolkata Which Is Run By Underprivileged Youth

by Kritika Kukreja
Dine At Cafe Toto In Kolkata Which Is Run By Underprivileged Youth

Under 140 Characters 

Cafe Toto is Kolkata is famous for its French and Continental food and is run by underprivileged entrepreneurs.

What Is It? 

Young adults belonging to underprivileged backgrounds are given a chance to shape up their life at this Kolkata cafe. They are trained in a one year course by French volunteers in various sectors of hospitality to run this unique cafe.

Cafe Toto started in April 2016 with the idea of raising up the suppressed sectors of society. Currently, they are training 14 individuals belonging to the age group of 18 to 25. They attend training 5 days of the week where they are able to learn English, communication and personal skills, IT skills and micro-management of the cafe. 

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(Image Credit – France in India)

What’s In It? 

The cafe seats 20 people and is open for lunch only 2 or 3 days in a week. They have also started delivering at home. The cafe serves only fresh made food. The individuals working at this cafe come from various backgrounds such as orphans, physically challenged, victims of domestic violence and many others. 

The cafe serves Continental and French food. You will find a variety of vegetarian burgers, apple pies, chocolate cakes, falafel with pita bread, crepes, gazpacho and hummus at this cafe. But everything they serve is vegetarian only.

(Image Credit – France in India)

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What Else?

Cafe Toto is taking up more individuals to train so that they can get a chance to earn a livelihood. They plan to open the cafe for more days of the week so we’re expecting great things in the near future.


Address:  30e, Gobinda Auddy Rd, Kala Bagan, Chetla, Kolkata, West Bengal 700027
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