Do Men Cook At Home? Yes, 80% Of Men Are Turning To AI For Cooking & Experimenting With Cuisines

AI Cooking
by Tejashee Kashyap

The rise of convenience foods and the availability of fast food and takeout options have made it easier for people to avoid cooking at home. Busy lifestyles and the desire for quick and easy meals have contributed to this trend. To cater to these needs,, a smart home appliance business that introduced the AI Cooking Assistant, delishUp is up with some shifting data on what Indian households make in homes.

Who Is Cooking At Home Now?

AI Cooking

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In today’s time, some individuals may lack the necessary cooking skills or knowledge to prepare meals at home. Interestingly, 80% of these AI cooking assistant users are men, primarily aged 25-40, who are now cooking at home and experimenting with various cuisines. Yes, there has been a notable shift in recent years with more men taking on cooking responsibilities at home.

Traditional gender roles that confined women to the kitchen and men to breadwinning have evolved. Many households now embrace more equal divisions of labour, including cooking. Overall, the traditional stereotype that women are primarily responsible for cooking has been challenged, and more men are embracing cooking.

Men, in particular, may appreciate the convenience and guidance that AI provides, as it allows them to experiment with cooking and create delicious meals at home with less stress and guesswork.

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What Are We Cooking At Home Using AI?


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India, long assumed to be a largely vegetarian country, reveals a more variated culinary tapestry. Here’s what Indian households are cooking mostly using AI –

  • 51% of owners identify as non-vegetarian. However, 85% of households prefer to prepare vegetarian meals due to the perceived difficulties of learning to cook meat.
  • 40% want to eat healthier, but less than 10% frequently cook healthy alternatives on delishUp.
  • South Indians favour rice-based meals, yet it’s surprising to learn that chapati dough is created regularly on the delishUp (3.5% of cooking sessions).
  • 40% want to eat healthier, but less than 10% frequently cook healthy alternatives on the AI cooking appliance.
  • Young India cooks a greater range of foods at home: 40% Indian, 20% Continental, and 20% Italian, with the remaining 20% split between beverages, soups, salads, and Asian specialities.

The integration of AI into cooking and meal preparation has made the process more accessible and user-friendly. So, what are cooking at home?

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