Dolphin Bay Dubai: All You Need To Know About Your Dolphin Encounter

by Saniya
Dolphin Bay Dubai: All You Need To Know About Your Dolphin Encounter

We all enjoy watching the cute little dolphins prancing in waters. Sometimes we have fed them too. But we kinda get tired of watching dolphins from afar. And at Dolphin Bay in Atlantis, we can go for a swim also with the dolphins. You can stand next to them in shallow waters or even take a dip in the deep waters. Of course, there will be a trainer next to you. But what all do you need to know about the experience? We tell you that here.

What’s It?

Dolphins are known to be friendly little creatures. So the experience of interacting with them is something we all crave for. And the best part? It’s that it’s not just for adults. Your little kid can learn to care for animals, too, as they interact with the amiable dolphins in the shallow waters. So there are multiple options available for you to choose your way of interacting with the dolphins.

Located at Dubai Atlantis, the Dolphin Bay makes for an excellent experience for the vacationers, too, when you are here with family. There is a great plus to the entire experience also- Folks can enjoy the Aquaventure Waterpark for free om the same day. Ain’t that great?!

Different Experiences

1. The Dolphin Encounter

You and your kid can get into the shallow waters and interact with the cute little dolphins here. Shake hands or kiss them on the nose, as they go splashing around you. You can even have some fantastic pictures clicked with the dolphins. The Dolphin Encounter is best suited for kids and adults who cannot swim. However, children under 12 will have to bring in their guardians too.

Price: Starting from AED 895

2. Dolphin Adventure

Thought the Dolphin Encounter was too impersonal? Then go on an adventure trail with them as you belly ride the dolphins. As the name suggests, you get to hug the dolphin as it maneuvers its way around in the waters. Since this is a deep-water adventure, it’s only for folks above eight years who know how to swim.

Price: Starting from AED 925

Dolphin Bay

3. Royal Swim

This one takes the experience a level up as you get to swim alongside the dolphins too. Explore the lagoon on a boogie board and play along with the dolphins pushing you around. Sounds adventurously exciting, right? Because it is. The thrill of adrenaline plus the fun of engaging with the dolphins is one of a kind. So if you are the one for some exhilaration, this is it!

Price: Starting from AED 1075

4. Scuba Dive

As the name suggests, the Scuba Dive experience is only for certified scuba divers. So snorkel and dive around the dolphins as you hug, kiss, and race them underwaters. You also get to explore and interact with the other cute little sea creatures here too. Spot a sea horse, maybe or explore the lagoon’s flora and fauna. This one is the ultimate underwater experience.

Price: starting AED 565

5. Dolphin Photo Fun

Scared of going into the waters but want some cute little pictures clicked with the dolphin? Then this is what you should be looking at. Interact with the dolphins and click photos for fun here. You don’t need to get into the waters at all. However, you can shake hands and fins or hug the dolphins from the side of the lagoon here.

Price: starting AED 410

The Rules To Keep In Mind

  1. Keep your personal gear at home and enjoy fresh new equipment provided on-site only
  2. You have 30 mins allotted to change in, so hurry up!
  3. Only the ones getting into the water can use the on-site towels
  4. Hear the mammal specialist out in your brief orientation before getting into waters
  5. If you plan to scuba dive, make sure you have your certifications in hand

Enjoy your experience!


Where: Dolphin Bay, The Dubai Atlantis
When: 9:30 AM- 5:30 PM Daily
Contact: 04 426 1030

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