Donning A Saree, Ramabai Latpate Is On An Incredible Journey To Travel About 40 Countries On Her Bike

by Shreya Ghosh
Donning A Saree, Ramabai Latpate Is On An Incredible Journey To Travel About 40 Countries On Her Bike

Who doesn’t love to travel and explore new destinations in different corners of the world? This woman from Pune also has such dreams and goals to explore the globe but her way of travelling is the most different and unique from everyone. Meet Ramabai Latpate, she is on a mission to travel across 40 nations on her bike. Meanwhile, she will be on this remarkable journey wearing her nauravi saree. Now isn’t this an extraordinary journey? Read on to know more about her and her fascinating journey.

Ramabai Latpate Is On A Journey Of A Lifetime!

Ramabi is also known as Bharat ki Beti for her solo bike journey around the world. Here are some glimpses of her mission!

She is aiming to travel to about 40 countries on the planet, all the twelve G20 countries, and also 30 more countries on 6 continents. One needs huge dedication and motivation to make such an unbelievable dream turn into reality. And Ramabai Latpate shared that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has motivated her for this journey. PM Modi’s speech at the G20 Summit has driven Ramabai to stay motivated for this exceptional journey.

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Ramabai is a pilot by profession. She is an entrepreneur as well. Being a pilot, she has great knowledge of reading and identifying maps and this has helped her to plan her journey. Her map-reading skills have been a huge help to decide her travelling route.

Bharat Ki Beti Began Her Journey On 8 March

Ramabai flagged off her solo bike ride journey from Mumbai’s Gateway of India. On International Women’s Day, she commenced this beautiful mission. She is on her way to Delhi and from there, her superbike will reach Australia. Her superbike is going to be her partner throughout this journey of about a year. Ramabai is going to cover around 80,000 kilometres on this solo mission. This long journey is going to cost her over a crore and this is indeed a humongous amount. She has already sold all her gold jewellery and SUV so that she can begin the journey and afford all the initial expenditures.

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Some of the countries that Ramabai will be travelling to are Australia, Dubai, France, New York, New Zealand, and more.

We wish Ramabai lots of good wishes to fulfil this awe-inspiring journey!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ RAMAA (Rising Able Mankind All Around) (ramabai_official)