A Dosa Named After Deepika Padukone In Texas

by Tushal Kukreja
A Dosa Named After Deepika Padukone In Texas

Under 140 Characters

A restaurant in Texas, United States has named a dosa after the actress Deepika Padukone and Ranveer seems to have a spicy reaction.

What Is It?

2019 is here and Deepika and Ranveer can’t seem to stop giving us those ‘couple goals’ moments. Yesterday Deepika tweeted her reaction to a dosa being named after her by tweeting,”what a great way to begin the year… Happy New Year!” Ever since then the photo of this bizzare menu has been going around social media and now her husband has something to say.

Actor Ranveer Singh being the jokester that he is, took onto his Instagram stories and posted a photo of the menu alongside the caption “I’d eat that.”

Soon after this a fan tweeted to Deepika, “You are also a Parantha Thali in Pune.” 

Deepika and Ranveer who are currently on their honeymoon tied the knot in November last year in Italy.