Driving Fast On This Road In Abu Dhabi Can Fetch You A Hefty Fine Of At Least AED300!

by Anupriya Mishra
Driving Fast On This Road In Abu Dhabi Can Fetch You A Hefty Fine Of At Least AED300!

It’s no secret that rules are stringent in the UAE. While the roads are wide and make for a great place to test your vehicle’s speed limit, they have strict speed limits in order to ensure drivers’ safety on the road. As a result, people are expected to follow these rules with utmost discipline, as failing to do so can fetch them hefty fines. And if you are someone who travels frequently via Abu Dhabi Sweihan Road, then you must read on, as a new speed limit has been put in place.

Revised Speed Limit On Abu Dhabi’s Sweihan Road

120 kmph
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Yes, as mentioned above, Abu Dhabi’s Sweihan Road now has a new speed limit. The speed limit has been decreased from 140 kmph to 120 kmph from June 4, which was Sunday. According to a news report by the Khaleej Times, the speed limit has been revised on the road going from Al Falah Bridge towards Abu Dhabi International Airport. As it happens, this advisory was released by the Abu Dhabi Police General Command in cooperation with the Integrated Transport Centre. To ensure that everybody follows and knows about the revised speed limit, signboards have been put in place to notify drivers.

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Violating This Speed Limit Can Fetch You A Fine!

RoaD Traffic System Abu Dhabi
Pic credits: https://www.mediaoffice.abudhabi/en/security/abu-dhabi-police-launches-road-alert-system-across-highways-in-abu-dhabi/

This change has been incorporated after studies show that reducing speed limits can help in improving traffic safety. As a result, motorists have been asked to watch their speed and ensure to follow all the traffic rules and regulations. However, it should also be noted that speeding is a serious traffic offence. This is punishable by a fine, which can range anywhere between AED300 to AED3000! However, this depends on how fast the motorist was travelling over the recommended speed limit. The revision comes after recently Abu Dhabi highways saw the introduction of a coloured-light-based traffic alert system. With the help of this new alert system, motorists can be warned about any traffic incidents ahead and even about adverse weather conditions that may affect their driving experience.

So if you are someone who uses The route frequently, you might want to keep this new speed limit in mind

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