Drunk Man Allegedly Gropes 16-YO And Mother On Delta Flight After 11 Drinks; Airline Faces $2 Million Lawsuit

by Mallika Khurana
Drunk Man Allegedly Gropes 16-YO And Mother On Delta Flight After 11 Drinks; Airline Faces $2 Million Lawsuit

In a distressing incident that took place on a Delta Air Lines flight, a male passenger has been accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl and her mother while under the influence of alcohol. The harrowing episode occurred during a nearly nine-hour flight from JFK Airport to Athens, Greece. According to court papers filed in Brooklyn Federal Court, flight attendants allegedly disregarded the victims’ desperate pleas for help. Instead, they chose to continue serving the intoxicated passenger.

Delta Air Lines Is Facing A $2 Million Lawsuit

2 million lawsuit
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The lawsuit, brought forth by the family’s lawyer, Evan Brustein, sheds light on the horrifying events that unfolded on the July 26, 2022, flight. The family firmly believes that the traumatic experience could have been prevented had the airline staff taken appropriate and timely action. During the flight, the drunken passenger reportedly subjected the teenage girl to harassment by touching her inappropriately. He made lewd gestures and demanded personal information. Disturbingly, he showed no regard for her age, explicitly stating that he did not care about her being a minor. 

When the mother approached a flight attendant to complain about the passenger’s behaviour, her concerns were allegedly brushed off. In response, the attendant instructed her to “be patient.” The situation further escalated when the intoxicated man loudly vomited in the aeroplane bathroom. When he returned to his seat, he had another glass of wine in his hand. The flight attendants even failed to relocate him to a different seat. 

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Despite Repeated Peads By The Mother, The Airline Staff Took No Action

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According to the reports by the Mirror, the 16-year-old victim experienced a panic attack as a result of the upsetting incident. She later sought comfort on her mother’s lap. However, her distress did not end there. She allegedly felt the intoxicated passenger’s intrusive fingers beneath her shirt, climbing up her back. According to the $2 million lawsuit, he touched her body and bra strap in an inappropriate manner.

When the mother attempted to intervene, the accused man touched her leg inappropriately as well. Upon reaching Athens, the mother demanded that the flight attendants contact the police. However, her pleas were allegedly met with dismissive responses again. They advised her to remain calm and consider their advice. The flight attendants allegedly offered the victims 5,000 free airline miles as compensation for the upsetting incident. It certainly seems like an insufficient attempt to make things right.

Delta Air Lines has refrained from commenting on the ongoing lawsuit. However, they emphasised that the company strictly adheres to a “zero-tolerance” policy towards customers engaged in inappropriate or unlawful behaviour. The family, seeking justice and accountability, is seeking $2 million in damages. 

They are holding both the passenger and Delta Air Lines responsible for the distressing ordeal.

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