Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road Will Turn Into A Race Track This Friday

Picture running for a marathon race at Dubai’s most famous road. Next Friday, on the 8th of November, Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road will see all its roaring cars come to a standstill. Yes! Dubai’s busy Sheikh Zayed Road laced with Dubai’s majestic skyline, and iconic building structures will have no car runners for 3 hours next week. And it has got something to do with Dubai 30 x 30.

Dubai 30 x 30

What’s It?

So as we all know, the Dubai Fitness Challenge 30 x 30 has overtaken Dubai. As part of the fitness challenge, the Sheikh Zayed Road strip near the financial district will be hosting a 5 km marathon from 6 AM- 9 AM.

Are you worried if you can take part or not? The race is for everyone and not just the seasoned runners. You can head to the 5 km race with one and all, be it, children or adults, regardless of prior experiences. As a mark of celebrating fitness with all, the track has been made wheelchair and stroller accessible. So head down to the Sheikh Zayed Road and take part in the run with your entire family.

However, the 10 km race is a little exclusive than that. This race is time-bound as participants will have to complete the run in 80 km only. That’s not all! This race is for adults over 18 years only. So if you are looking for a race that is much more fitness-serious, this is it!

What’s best about the event? It is the fact that it is for absolutely free, and this is the first time we will see Dubai’s skyline like this- up close as we run on. After all, it is Dubai’s most clicked area for a reason.

This 14 lane course that Sheikh Zayed road will turn into a racing track that starts from the World Trade Centre. So you know where to gather at if you are planning to run for the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

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