Dubai Beats London In Quality Of Life Rankings!

by Jui Nikita
Dubai Beats London In Quality Of Life Rankings!

Under 140 Characters

Dubai is soaring high as one of the most desired places to live in the world and there’s no dip in sight for this ‘city of gold’.


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What Is It?

Through a survey conducted by Deutsche Bank, Dubai was ranked higher than London and New York when it came to quality of life. The cities were given grades on eight measurements including quality of health care, cost of consumer goods and housing affordability and other factors taken into consideration were climate and safety within the city to which Dubai ranked third in the index. 

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What’s In It?

Dubai’s cost of living was 22 compared to London’s 40, New York’s 47 (Now that’s a difference!). Among the top cities with the best quality of life were Wellington, New Zealand, Zurich, Switzerland, Copenhagen, Denmark, Edinburgh, UK and Vienna, Austria.

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