Dubai Breaks Guinness World Record With The Largest Drinking Glass Pyramid At Atlantis

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Breaks Guinness World Record With The Largest Drinking Glass Pyramid At Atlantis

A record-breaking event occurred as the entire globe was busy with the NYE 2020 celebrations. One Dubai hotel has gone to great lengths to create a genuine one-of-a-kind display. Atlantis, The Palm, and Moet & Chandon made the world’s largest drinking glass pyramid. Guests watched the filling of a luminous bottle of Moet & Chandon into 54,740 glass coupes rising over 8.23 metres high. The record made an entry into the Guinness World Records that night.

It Broke Previous Guinness World Record

A crew of six from Dutch business Luuk Broos Events spent five days and over 55 man-hours precisely. Assembling the tower of coupes ahead of the official reveal. It broke the previous Guinness World Records title of 50,116 glasses established in Madrid in 2017.


What Does It Take To Construct A Structure Of This Size?

Broos believes that perfecting the foundation is the key to success. “Perfect measurements are required, and then it’s all uphill from there.” The final few metres are the toughest.”

It surely helps that the family event planning firm employs three surgeons. As they were the only people with a stable hand to finish the top of a structure.

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“Their talents are really significant because they have the focus and attention levels necessary for extended periods of time,” Broos adds. “Every centimetre matters at that height.”

The glass tower was at display at the resort’s annual New Year’s Eve event. After that, it was taken down with care.

“Scaffolding was used to build the tower, so we’ll put it back up and take each glass off one by one until they’re all back in the box,” Broos explains. “Normally, this takes approximately a day.”

What Happened To Glasses After The Event?

Later the 54,740 glasses were put to recycle by a local glassblower and made into glassware as part of the hotel’s sustainability strategy.

Moet & Chandon did not develop the Guinness World Record champagne pyramid. It is a symbol that the house has appropriated since the late 1950s. The company honed the skill of making ever-taller champagne pyramids and breaking records in the process.