Dubai Cafe Uses Teddy Bears To Ensure Social Distancing

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman

The next time you head to Healthy Little Secrets in DIFC, you can dine with giant teddy bears! Wondering why? Well, this Dubai cafe is using giant teddies to indicate seats that can’t be used as well as spread cheer. The idea of putting ‘do not sit’ signs seemed a little too grim and so the cafe has resorted to this creative technique.

The cafe started off the new social distancing policy by placing two over-sized teddy bears in the outdoor seating. However, currently, cute, over-sized teddies occupy the entire cafe, indicating where one is allowed to sit. In addition, the teddy bears are also used to indicate tables that are blocked. That’s not all! Diners are also encouraged to dine with the bears.

So in case you are stepping out to dine alone, you know there’s company awaiting. What a great way to remind people of social distancing right? As of now, the health food spot is allowed to have 10 diners inside the cafe.

What Else?

Meanwhile, Dubai is not the only city to use innovative ways for social distancing. Restaurants across the world are slowly opening doors, but with strict restrictions in place.

From transparent screens to mannequins and creative dining tables, here’s how restaurants around the world are getting social distancing right:

1. Mannequins

Dining in an empty restaurant can feel weird-right? Well, restaurants have come up an innovative way for this too. Mannequins are placed on empty tables to provide company to diners. The Inn at Little Washington in Washington, Virginia, kicked off this new concept. And now, when the restaurant opens at the end of May, waiters will serve both the real and the fake customers.



Similarly, A restaurant in Germany added dolls to its empty tables. Germany, dolls fill the empty tables at Hotel Haase in Hannover. The hotel did not want its restaurant to look empty, or diners to dine alone, and added life-size dolls to each table.



2. Cardboard Cutouts

A restaurant in Australia added cardboard cutouts on each table to make customers feel comfortable. Owners of the Five Dock Dining, added cardboard cutouts on all tables so that visitors don’t feel like they’re eating in an empty restaurant. The idea worked well and reservations quickly filled for opening night. Sydney has now permitted restaurants to reopen, with a maximum of 10 guests.



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