Dubai Emerges As The Biggest Tech Hub Of The Saudi World Amid Pandemic

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Emerges As The Biggest Tech Hub Of The Saudi World Amid Pandemic

Dubai conjures us visions of flashy nightlife, architectural marvels, and all set against a backdrop of scorching desert heat. The city, however, is more than simply a playground for the ultra-wealthy. Dubai is at the vanguard of the UAE’s efforts to economic diversification. It’s rebuilding itself as a worldwide powerhouse for tech and innovation. The biggest tech hub is evolving, hidden behind superbly constructed buildings and layers of neon.

Evolution Of Dubai As The Biggest Tech Hub Amid Pandemic

Whilst the Emirati neighbours remained engaged in drilling, Dubai had to rely on its other assets to keep its economy afloat. Dubai mainly kept its border open during pandemics, unlike other nations. Extensive vaccination and implemented visas and other programmes attracted a growing number of overseas workers. With numerous waves of Covid-19 causing lockdowns across, Dubai’s blend of liberal virus laws, low taxes, and relatively little corporate regulation made an appealing environment for technological entrepreneurs.

The tourist industry is beginning to recover. But the epidemic exposed the vulnerability of an economy that is strongly reliant on overseas travel. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the city’s current ruler, and his administration want to turn the town into the biggest tech hub.

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Economic Diversification Of UAE

Dubai seeks to re-establish itself by making it a desirable location for entrepreneurs in the fast-rising digital industry. The emphasis on women’s rights appeals to a domestic and an international audience. It’s mainly in the notoriously diverse tech industry that it hopes to woo.

Dubai has always been able to make use of its Gulf strategic location. Sheikh Rashid has advanced current infrastructure development plans in the city. Startups and multinational firms alike are too keen to establish their diversity and inclusion credentials. If Dubai is to accomplish its goals, it will need to do so.

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