Dubai Has A Tik Tok Lounge And Here’s Everything To Know

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Has A Tik Tok Lounge And Here’s Everything To Know

TikTok, a platform primarily used for entertainment, released several instructional films to help its highly involved youthful fanbase prepare for the future. The transfer of edutainment through this app makes it easier to spread the information at a quick pace. And now Dubai has a Tik Tok lounge in Studio city where you can come and enjoy its events.

Tik Tok Lounge In Dubai

The lounge isn’t like any ordinary lounge. This spot lets you interact with other tik-tokers who are well interested in the service the app provides. A plethora of events was recently held here that educate and entertain the guests who visit. Apart from this, you can also consider yourself by making videos to post on the platform with types of equipment and several backdrops available. You can also play around on the life-size game board TikTok has displayed. Overall it’s the most fun destination if you like to blend your experience with some learnings.


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Events Held At The Lounge

The netizens have been glued to the app. On May 24, TikTok teamed up with INJAZ at its first regional convention hosted in person at the TikTok lounge in Dubai. INJAZ is a non-profit organisation that promotes education and training in workforce readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship throughout the Arab world. The partnership intends to increase understanding of INJAZ’s “Future Jobs Initiative” programme.

The platform has assembled a collection of leading thinkers who now hold desirable positions at organisations like Microsoft, McKinsey, and MetLife. They aim to produce several short, educational movies, which will be made available on the site. The youngsters can watch these informational videos to get ready to start their careers.

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