Dubai Introduces New Scheme For Retired Citizens To Start Government-Funded Businesses

Empowering retirees: Dubai's visionary programme for social inclusion.

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Introduces New Scheme For Retired Citizens To Start Government-Funded Businesses

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative as part of the Dubai Social Agenda 33. Called the ‘Dubai Retiree Projects Support’ programme, this forward-looking memorandum of understanding (MoU) holds the promise of significant benefits. It offers incentives for Emirati retired citizens in Dubai, ushering in a new era of support and encouragement.

Strategic Partnership For Retired Citizens In Dubai

A strategic partnership is formed through the MoU, outlining the comprehensive ‘Dubai Retiree Projects Support’ programme. This initiative includes a range of incentives designed to empower Emirati retirees by offering them priority status in government projects, financial backing for their future ventures, a five-year exemption from service fees, and expert consultation support to optimize project outcomes.

Financial Relief And Business Facilitation For Retired Citizens In Dubai

One of the pivotal aspects of the programme is the five-year exemption from service fees, aiming to streamline business processes and alleviate financial pressures on retirees. This strategic move is geared towards enhancing their competitiveness, particularly in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) sector. Recognizing SMEs as a key pillar of the national economy, this initiative aligns with the broader goal of transforming the economy into a robust knowledge-based entity.

Inclusive Approach To National Development

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The ‘Dubai Retiree Projects Support programme is a testament to Dubai’s commitment to inclusive and sustainable development. By exempting retirees from service fees, the programme actively encourages their active participation in the SME sector, fostering economic growth and contributing to the national transformation towards a knowledge-driven economy.

Extending Stability And Expertise

This innovative programme seamlessly integrates with a series of initiatives aimed at ensuring the stability of retirees in Dubai. By leveraging the expertise of retirees and employees approaching retirement, the initiative seeks to harness their wealth of experience to support the ongoing development of Dubai. Overall, the programme positions retirees as valuable contributors to the emirate’s achievements, fostering a sense of social and national solidarity.

Finally, the ‘Dubai Retiree Projects Support programme stands as a visionary step towards empowering retirees. Also, it unlocks their potential and integrates their expertise into Dubai’s journey of progress and development. The programme exemplifies Dubai’s commitment through strategic partnerships, financial incentives, and expert consultation. Overall, it aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all segments of its society.

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