Dubai-Kozhikode AI Express Crash Survivors To Build Hospital For Rescuers In Kerala

by Sanmita A
Dubai-Kozhikode AI Express Crash Survivors To Build Hospital For Rescuers In Kerala

Two years ago, an Air India Express aircraft from Dubai crashed at the Karipur international airport. While, eighteen people lost their lives, along with the pilots, there were 190 passengers onboard the flight.  In a move to show their regard for the locals where the fateful crash happened, the survivors and families raised an amount of 50 lakhs to build a hospital. On the night of the crash, the locals had helped in rescuing the passengers in the flight.

Air India Crash: Hospital Building For Local Rescuers

Locals from the area on the night of the crash, had rushed to the spot voluntarily to rescue the victims. The survivors, in order to show their gratitude to them, have gathered an amount of 50 lakhs from the compensation they had received. This money will be used to construct a building near the crash site. The hospital will be for the PHC, with a in-patient facility, a pharmacy and a laboratory.

Kerala AI Crash
Image C’tsy: The Indian Express

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Why Are The Crash Survivors Helping With A Hospital?

As per media reports, the nearest medical facility from the crash site was a PHC that lacked basic medical facilities. And the nearest hospital from the site was around 8 km away. To make up for such a gap, the survivors families got together to make this generous donation and build a hospital there. The crash took place in 2020, on August 7 and it has been two years since the accident. The construction of the building will begin soon. They are currently awaiting the necessary permission from the health department. The families and survivors received their compensation after a collaborative move against the insurance company and the airlines. They had even foreign lawyers roped in for the case. It was only then, that they were able to receive the right value compensation. Additionally, the government too, had given them compensation for the incident. The survivors of the Kerala crash received compensation from lakhs, one crore to even five crores. According to a report by Times Now, people were compensated based on the severity of their injuries.

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