Dubai Man Orders Food, Soft Drinks And More Online, Gets Scammed And Loses Dh4,848 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Life has become so easy ever since the launch of various delivery apps that help you get everything from food to groceries right at your doorstep. But we have also seen many cases where people have been scammed while buying stuff. In a similar incident, a Dubai man ordered burgers, fries, soft drinks, and merchandise toys from a website and got scammed for Dh4,848. Also, no food was delivered to him. 

Dubai Man Gets Scammed On Ordering Food


credits: unsplash

A Dubai man got a pop-up notification from McDonald’s, which is a popular fast-food chain, on his mobile. The notification claimed a 50 percent discount on purchases made that day, and as a loyal customer, he clicked on it. 

He ordered burgers, fries, soft drinks, and merchandise toys from the page on his screen, which he thought was the authentic website of his favourite brand. It asked the man to pay Dh37, and he paid the amount by giving out the OTP (one-Time Password) the website asked for. 

Very soon, the man realised that he had been scammed when he received a message claiming that he had made a transaction amounting to Dh4,848. Moreover, he also did not receive any food. 

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Cyber Criminals have Become Sophisticated


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The resident of Dubai reported this incident to his bank as well as the police. Cybercriminals have become more sophisticated these days, according to him. He got scammed and made sure to share this with others so that they don’t get scammed like him. 

The Dubai Police have time and again warned people to be vigilant against such scammers. During the holidays, such scams increase as brands offer many discounts, and scammers take advantage of the same. 

They have asked people not to share confidential bank information, which includes a CVV number (Card Verification Value) and a One-Time Password. People are also advised not to follow links without double-checking and not to click on links from unknown sources. 

You can try to spot a scam by paying a little extra attention to little things like misspelt words, immediate links asking you to pay, incorrect grammar, an unknown ID, and more. 

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Cover Image Courtesy: Unsplash